King’s Errand

The Journey Ends . . .


When a new king ascends the throne of the Norlands, only Vadim and Martha’s intervention saves Anselm and the other knights – men loyal to the previous king – from a trip to the gallows.

Now that reprieve is over. It’s payback time.

Anselm and his fellow knights have one last chance to prove their loyalty to the crown. But King Rodmar does not require mere lip service. To demonstrate their fealty, he commands the knights to bring home his greatest treasure.

Join Anselm, Vadim and their companions on the King’s Errand – an adventure that transports them far from the comforts of hearth and home to a new and exotic world.

As they brave the peril of the high seas and confront the unrelenting danger of the desert lands, Anselm finds unexpected friendship and a new sense of belonging – not to mention a woman who just might be the love of his life!

But when their convoy comes under attack and the future of their mission hangs in the balance, will they be able to avert disaster?

Will Anselm finally find his happily ever after?

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